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Our goal at Die Happy Games is to design innovative, entertaining tabletop games that appeal to and inspire a passion in a wide range of gamers. We understand that sometimes it can be difficult to get the perfect game to the table that fits the play style of everyone involved which tends to leave you playing the same monopo... I mean monotonous game in an endless cycle.  We design games from the perspective of advanced game enthusiasts intending to expand this wonderful hobby and open up a whole new world of games to the typical household. We strive to provide games that are appealing to casual gamers but are still engaging enough to stand out in your collection. The golden "gateway game" is what we are looking to create. Games that can be placed on the table with any group and provide genuine joy in each seat and inspire a passion to explore the many great games and experiences this hobby has to offer. The more gateway games that reach the market the faster the hobby will grow which, in turn, will introduce you to new friends, strengthen existing relationships and eventually make learning a new game an exciting prospect with any group.  Help us help you get more variety and overall enjoyment to the table!

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