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Balloon Ride is a friendly, high-flying competition for friends and family of all ages. Whether you are an advanced gamer looking to get something new that everyone will enjoy, or just looking for something you can play with your kids, you are sure to enjoy this ride. Collect cute critters for your personal hot air balloon fleet using your opponent's cards before they get the chance to use them for themselves. Manipulate your opponent's hands with a gentle touch to cash in on a more complex pattern next turn, but don't get burned, because the longer you hold on to your valuable cards the more likely you are to lose them. The sky's the limit for the amount of fun you will have. Will you gently float to the top?

What's On The Horizon?

Here's a few hints to the types of projects we have in mind.

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Cute Family Friendly Set Collection Card Game.

Hot air balloons with adorable critters?

Yes please!

Play cards from your hand using cards from your opponent's hand to create the highest scoring hot air balloon fleet.

Trick Taking Game with a Social Deduction Twist.

Trick taking games are the bread and butter of classic card games.

Social deduction is the bread and butter of modern gaming.

The best way to get everyone to the table is with plenty of bread and butter.

Here are a few more hints.

Hot Air Balloons
Image by Artem Maltsev
Image by Sean Benesh
Pink Clouds
Archaeological Dig
Image by Luke Jernejcic
Government Building Columns
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